Special Prize of “Zerkalo” Film Festival organizing committee

“Zerkalo” YII International Film Festival organizing committee announced a special prize winner: “For Outstanding Contribution to Cinema Art”.

The prize was posthumously assigned to Aleksey German. The Festival President Pavel Lungin made the following comment: “This bright and great artist invented new cinema language. His innovative forms are inseparable from traditionally Russian love theme and attention to a “little man”. All modern Russian cinematography evolved from German’s “military overcoat”.

Aleksey German (photo: Polina Vasilieva, Kommersant)

The Festival program director Andrey Plakhov added up: “Aleksey German is one of the last Mohicans of the classic movies, who expressed the Soviet époque “Big Style” agony. He was also a moral authority in the filmmakers’ community, an example of perfectionism and knight service to the author’s cinema”.

Press Reader