Elena Slatina

Елена Слатина

Curator of Russian feature and short films program.

Born October 20, 1974, Moscow. 1998 – graduated from MSU Journalist Department. Came to work for TV in 1995: information broadcasting service, programs “Humanitarian News and “Cinema News” for “Russian Universities” TV channel. Worked as a correspondent for the both programs, co-authored “19 Moscow International Film Festival TV Diaries. 1996 – moved to “Teleproject”, subdivision of Gorky Film Studio, headed by Sergey Livnev at the time, a chief founder of “Teleproject”. “Teleproject” issued 5 programs at NTV channel, including “Ogni Bolshogo Goroda”. 1997 — head and author of “New Cinema” program, “Kultura” TV channel. 2001-2004 — head, author and host, “Magia Kino” program at “Kultura” TV channel. 1998-2002 – “Expert” magazine culture and society section editor. 2003-2004 — “Novye Izvestia” film reviewer. 2003-2004 — “Seans” publishers, head of Moscow office. 2004-2005 — chief editor and host, “Kino v Detaliah” program (STS TV channel). Publications: “Premiere” (Moscow), “Profile”, “Ezhenedelny Zhurnal”, “Vedomosti” etc. Articles for 7 volume collection “Newest history of domestic cinema. 1986-2000» (2000-2004, SPB, “Seans”). Author and director “Kino. Uhodit Vek”, films about movies “Strana Glukhih”, “Khoroshie I Plokhie”, “Vremena ne Vybiraiut”, “Tycoon”, “Voditel dlia Very”.