Director & scriptwriter Can Kılcıoğlu
Camera Tayman Tekin
Art directors Aslı Dadak, Barış Yıkılmaz
Music Okan Kaya
Cast: Serdar Orçin, Tülin Özen, İpek Bilgin, Sait Genay, Vedat Erincin, Sarp Aydınoğlu
Producer Doğa Kılcıoğlu Esen
Production Delice Film

36-year-old Alis starts living in his car after his father kicks him out of the house. He shaves on the street, eats the food his mother brings over to his car, and applies to job adverts that his mother marks in the newspaper for him. After a series of rejections, he finds himself working door-to-door marketing Karnaval brand carpet cleaners. In this new adventure of his, Alis meets a wedding cake-maker named Demet. She lives with her father ever since her mother’s death, and dreams of riding on her motorbike and moving to Istanbul where she would open up a bakery shop. Contrary to Alis' introverted nature, Demet is petulant, but Karnaval is the one who is the dream-maker.


CAN KILCIOĞLU Born in Izmir (Turkey) in 1982. He studied cinema in Galatasaray University. His short film “The Cat on the Road” won Best Fiction Short Film Award in Adana Golden Boll Film Festival and 10 other awards in different festivals. His filmography also includes “Mistaken” (2003, short), “Tale” (2004, short), “Corridor” (2006, short). “Karnaval” is his first feature length film.

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