Director & scriptwriter Vitaly Mansky

Idea Mesrop Aramyan

Camera Alexandra Ivanova

Producers Artur Dzhanibekyan, Natalia Manskaya

Production VERTOV. Real Cinema with support from the Vem Media Arts Studio

Thousand years ago in ancient Armenia St. Gregory of Narek wrote a book of prayers which has become deep revelation of the humane spiritual world for all nations and times. The protagonist is young man in modern environment, where the fundamental question of the meaning of life is not the most important.


Born in 1963 in Lviv, USSR. Graduated from VGIK (1988, class of S.Medynsky). One of the most famous Russian documentary filmmakers, producer. General Producer of the National Award for Documentary Film and Television “Laurel Branch”. President of documentary film festival “Artdocfest”. Prizewinner of a range of national and international film festivals. Director of more than 30 films includes “Boomer” (1989), “Post” (1990), “Lenin’s Body” (1991), “Cutting from Another War” (1993), “Grace” (1996), “Private Chronicles. Monologue” (1999), “Broadway. Black Sea” (2002), “A.N.A.T.O.M.I.YA T.A.T.U” (2003), “Our Homeland” (2004), “Virginity” (2008), “Homeland or Death” (2011), “Iconoscope” (2012), “Pipeline” (2013), “The Eternal Light” (2014), etc.

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