Dinara Drukarova

Динара Друкарова

Born in Leningrad. Drukarova graduated from faculty of humanities of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. She works and lives in France and Russia. She debuted in cinema in "Zamri-umri-voskresni!" ("Freeze Die Come to Life", 1989) by V. Kanevsky (this film has won "Golden Camera" award at Cannes, as well as award of European Film Academy and Grand Prix at international festival in Ghent, Belgium). In Russia Drukarova is famous thanks to her role in "Pro urodov i lyudey" ("Of Freaks and Men", 1998) by A. Balabanov. For that role she was nominated for the European Film Award for Best Actress. In 1999 she won an award of Honfleur festival of Russian cinema for the best women role in "Angels in Paradise" by E. Lungin. For her role in "Since Otar left" by J. Bertuccelli she won the Prize of Mishel Simeone and was nominated for the César Award (France national film award). Drukarova has starred in more then 40 films.