Vera Polozkova

Вера Полозкова

The story of poet Vera Polozkova has started from her personal LiveJournal blog more then 10 years ago. Publisher of first Polozkova's book of poems "Nepoemanie" (2008; "Nepoemanie" derives from Russian words "Misunderstanding" and "Poema" combined) got acquainted with her works in her blog.

Polozkova was awarded for some poetic awards ("Poet of the Year in LiveJournal", "Non-format") and became finalist of poetic SLAM in 2006. In 2007 Polozkova appeared in public with her poems for the first time. In 2008 Polozkova released her books "Nepoemanie" and "Photosynthesis". Later "Photosynthesis" was repeatedly reprinted, and total circulation of the book reached more than 30 000 copies. According to the texts of Polozkova many performances were staged. Vera also released music albums "Equality sign" and "Unequality sign". Polozkova performs a lot with her poems and likes to experiment.

In 2016 Polozkova is a member of jury of documental section.