Evgueny Mironov

Евгений Миронов

Evgueny made his first screen appearance in 1988, in A.Kaidanovsky movie “Zhena Kerosinshika. After several roles in movies without broad release Evgueny gained popularity and recognition of both viewers and experts for the role of Sasha in a wonderful V.Todorovsky’s movie “Liubov” (Love) (1991 г.). The actor received numerous cinema awards for the role both at home and abroad and was rated the best actor in 1992. The next successful role was lieutenant Volodya in P.Todorovsky’s film “Encore, Eshche Encore” (1992 г.), strengthening his popularity.


By mid-nineties Evgueny Mironov turned to be a very bright star of the Russian theater. He played main parts in outstanding theater projects “Hamlet” and “Oresteia” by German director Peter Stein, “Boris Godunov” by Declan Donnelann from Great Britain, "Last Night of the Last Tzar" and "Karamazovy I AD” by Valery Fokin (for the latter performance received the RF State Award).

In 2005 Evgueny received a title of the People’ Artist of Russia.