Director: Ilmar Raag
Script: Yaroslava Pulinovich, Oleg Gaze (participation)
Camera: Tuomo Hutri
Design: Anastasia Karimulina, Pavel Shappo
Music: Panu Aaltio
Cast: Polina Pushkaruk, Viktoria Lobachyova, Andrei Astrakhantsev, Irina Osnovina, Galina Mochalova, Sergey Yatsenyuk, Yuri Orlov
Producers: Natalia Drozd, Sergey Selianov, Riina Sildos, Aleksi Bardy, Oleg Silvanovich, Viktoria Shamlikashvili
Production: CTB Film Company, Amrion, Helsinki Filmi Oy, Belarusfilm Stidop, Kazakhfilm

Anya is a good-looking, successful young graduate student. She gives lectures on Byron and has a relationship with one of the professors. One day her life takes an unexpected turn for the worse. A victim of false accusations, she has to flee, disguised as a teenaged homeless girl. While on the run, Anya meets twelve-year-old Christine, an orphan who is as desperate and reckless as Anya herself. This friendship becomes a turning point for Anya – reliving her adolescence for the second time, she now is forced to rewrite her life.


ILMAR RAAG - estonian film director, scriptwriter, actor, producer, film critic, journalist. Born in 1968. Graduated from Tartu University where he majored in the history of the arts. Studied film at the Paris schools Saint Denis and La Sorbonne Nouvelle, went on to study at the American Ohio University and received a Master's degree. Received further training at Columbia Pictures. Worked in newspapers, on TV and radio. Wrote scripts to a number of feature films. Directed the movie “Class” (2007), which won over 20 festival awards. His directorial filmography includes “Killing Tartu” (1998), “August 1991” (2005, TV), “A Lady in Paris” (2012), “Love is Blind” (2013), etc.