Director Vera Glagoleva

Script Svetlana Grudovich, Olga Pogodina

Camera Gints Berzins

Design Elena Zhukova, Olga Arkhipova

Music Sergey Banevich

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Anna Astrakhantseva, Anna Levanova, Nikita Volkov, Alexander Baluev, Larisa Malevannaya

Producers Natalia Ivanova, Antra Cilinska, Laurent Danielou

Production Horosho Production, Rezo Productions, JPS

The film is based on Ivan Turgenev’s play “A Month in the Country”. The action takes place in the second half of the XIX century in the rich country estate of landlord Arkady Islaev and his wife Natalia. Mikhail Rakitin, desperately in love with the heroine, her young pupil Verochka spend all the time near Natalia. Arrival of her son’s tutor Belyaev stirs the sleepy welfare of the inhabitants of the summer house. Two women Natalia and Verochka fall in love with him and find themselves in the centre of complex web of unrequited love. All heroes of the film stay on the threshold of love but are afraid to take the plunge.


* Main prize of the festival “Golden Phoenix”, Smolensk

* Main prize of the festival “Amur Autumn”, Blagoveshchensk

* Main Prize of the festival “Fathers & Sons”, Orel

* Grand Prix of the Hanoi IFF, Vietnam


Born in Moscow. Graduated from the acting department of State Institute of Theatre Art. Began her career as an actress with the movie “To the End of the World” by Rodion Nakhapetov. Acted in more than 50 movies and on stage. Was named the best actress of 1986 by the magazine “Sovetsky Ekran” (for the part in movie “To Marry a Captain”). People’s Artist of Russia. She debuted as a film director with the movie “Broken Light” (1991). Other her films: “Order” (2005), “Ferris Wheel” (2007), “One War” (2009), “Incidental Acquaintance” (2012).