Director & scriptwriter Vladimir Kott

Camera Andrei Kapranov

Design Oleg Ukhov, Sergey Schepilov

Music Anton Silaev

Cast: Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Trofimov, Sergey Sosnovsky, Nikolai Averyushkin, Boris Kamorzin, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Tamara Tsyganova, Yuri Lopyryov, Oleg Vasilkov, Agnia Kuznetsova, Olga Beshulya, Igor Gasparyan

Producer Evgeny Gindilis

Production Tvindie Ltd.

The film is based on the M.Gorky drama “The Lower Depth”. Its heroes live on at a real landfill site. Their daily routine consists of digging in the heaps of rubbish in search of precious metal scraps and objects to sell, stealing, drinking and fighting heavily... But they also love, grieve and dream desperately of breaking away from “the lower depths”. One day a hobo named Luca appears at the landfill. He is eager to listen to everyone, to give everyone consolation and hope. The inhabitants begin to strongly believe in possible changes of their lives. But people are weak. And despite all their dreams they are not ready to change.


* Prize for the “relevant interpretation of classic work” at the Russian film festival “Window to Europe”



Born in 1973. In 1996 graduated from the director’s faculty of State Theatre Institute (class of B.Golubovsky). In 2004 graduated from the director’s faculty of the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (class of V.Khotinenko). His diploma work, the short film “Door” (2004), won prizes at numerous international film festivals. “Mukha” (2008), his first feature film, was followed by a number of successful television projects, and also received a number of prizes at festivals. His filmography includes “The Silver Samurai. Oranienbaum” (2006, TV), “Gromozeka” (2010), “Operation “Gorgon” (2011), etc.