Alla Demidova

Алла Демидова

One of the most remarkable and stylish contemporary actresses, whose works invariably arouse the interest of the audience, was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Economics department at the Moscow State University and the B.V.Schukin College of Theatre. She worked as an actress at the Taganka Theatre, playing the lead in Roman Viktyuk’s “Phaedra” and many other productions. She reads prose and poetry over the radio, on TV and on stage and has written eight books. She debuted in cinema in “Leningrad Symphony” (1957). She played more than 50 parts in cinema including “Nine Days of One Year” (1961) by Mikhail Romm, “Day Stars” (1966) by Igor Talankin, “Air Hostess” (1967) by Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov, “The Living Corpse” (1968) by Vladimir Vengerov, “Degree of Risk” (1968) by Ilya Averbakh, “The Sixth of July” (1968), “The Seagull” (1970) and “A Glass of Water” (1979) by Yuly Karasik, “You and Me” (1971) by Larisa Shepitko, “Coming to You” (1971) by Nikolai Maschenko, “The Mirror” (1974) by Andrei Tarkovsky, “Escape of Mr. McKinley” (1975) by Fyodor Khitruk and Mikhail Shweitzer, “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (1981, TV), “Letters To Elza” (2002) and “Russian Money” (2006) by Igor Maslennikov, “Children of the Sun” (1985) by Leonid Pchyolkin, “The Tuner” (2004) by Kira Muratova and many others. People’s Artist of Russia, she is the winner of the State Award and many professional prizes and government awards.

In 2016 Alla Demidova is a member of jury of main contest.