Andreas Sinanos

Андреас Синанос

Born in Andravida, Greece. He studied cinema in Stavrakos school in Athens. He is currently member of European Film Academy and French Association of Cinematographers. He has worked as cinematographer in many documentary and feature films with directors Mickael Cacoyiannis, Chris Marker, Hiner Saleem, Jeanine Merapfeel, Selma Bakar, Tayfun Pirselimoglu, Ozcan Alper. He collaborated with Theo Angelopoulos in the films “The Suspending Step of the Stork”, “Ulysse’s Gaze”, “Eternity and a Day”, “The Weeping Meadow”, “To Each His Own Cinema” (fragment “Three Minutes”), “The Dust of Time” and the last his film, “The Other Sea”. For the films “The Crossing” by Vassiliki Iliopoulou and “True Blue” by Yiannis Diamantopoulos he won the award of Greek Ministry of Culture for best cinematography. For the films “Olga Robards” by Hristos Vakalopoulos, “Equinox” by Nikos Cornelios and “The Master of Shadows” by Lefteris Xanthopoulos he won the award of Thessaloniki Film Festival. For the film “Memories of the Wind” by Ozcan Alper he won the award of Adana Film Festival and the SIYAD award (Turkish Film Critics Association) for best Cinematography.