The angels’ share / Director: Ken Loach


11.06.2013 22:30 Plyos / Jetty Evening Euphoria
The angels’ share / Director: Ken Loach
Uk - France - Italy - Belgium / 2012 / 101 Min. / Color / Dolby Digital

Director Ken Loach
Script Paul Laverty
Camera Robbie Ryan
Design Fergus Clegg
Cast: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, William Ruane, Gary Maitland, Jasmin Riggins, Roger Allam,
Siobhan Reilly, Charles Maclean
Producer Rebecca O’brien Production Sixteen Films, Why Not
Productions Wild Bunch

Post-modern romantic detective story, shot entirely in Taipei, Taiwan, consist of parallel storylines and pop-cultural quotations. In a nutshell it speaks about the collision in the family of a writer and her husband. But in reality it follows the police and ordinary citizens in situations which mirror everyday life, including shootouts and chaos. Scenes here are interwoven amongst the characters, who at fi rst seem like they don’t inhabit the same world. The use of stark imagery, shadows and light is very eff ective. The fi lm, despite its title, is not about terrorism or the violence of a particular person. It pictures some of the problems faced by the main characters.

Jury Prize at the Cannes IFF
Audience Award at the San Sebastián IFF


Born in 1936 in Nuneaton, Great Britain. Studied at Oxford. His movies won prizes at renowned international festivals. Among these films are “Kes” (1969), “Family Life” (1971), “Black Jack” (1979), “Looks and Smiles” (1981), “Which Side Are You On?” (1984), “Riff-Raff” (1990), “Hidden Agenda” (1990), “Raining Stones” (1993), “Land and Freedom” (1995), “Ladybird Ladybird” (1995), “Carla’s Song” (1996), “My Name is Joe” (1998), “Bread and Roses” (2000), “The Navigators” (2001), “Sweet Sixteen” (2002), “Ae Fond Kiss…” (2004), “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” (2006), “Looking for Eric” (2009), “Route Irish” (2010), etc.

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